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protean hulk commander

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You can even nuke 3 of your own lands to get three 3/3's and one 9/9 for 18 swinging power on the field. When I started my list I first made an infinite budget version trying to get the best deck possible and worked from there. Then shuffle your … Expanding into all five colors, we have Sliver Queen. You said you like gaining life so you may keep that theme if you include some Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose, Exquisite Blood effects. For this experiment, we’ll be straying away from legendary creatures. Commanders running Flash but no Protean Hulk: Let's take a look at how this beast operates in commander and what you can do to stop it. This helped a little bit and forced the meta to shift slightly into longer and slower grindy style game play patterns because selling out to go for the turn 3 win every game became a sure fire way to lose the game on the spot just for attempting the line of play in such a greedy fashion. And that point is very simple: it was easier to tutor for and play Extract than it was to tutor for and play Flash+Protean Hulk so the solution worked very effectively because the play pattern and deck construction techniques used to employ the counter strategy were significantly more efficient. Also, if you don't tune it properly, you'll probably outpower your friends (you talked about a 5 power level) with a solitaire deck. Worldgorger Dragon in rakdos. Xenagos, the G.O.A.T. Directly answering your question, I think you should put all X cost creatures you can into the deck anyway because they are both an enabler and a payoff (infinite power creature), and are still good creatures if you don't pull off the combo. Being a commander is not a characteristic [MTG CR109.3], it is a property of the card and tied directly to the physical card. (Also note: technically Protean Hulk can render Boonweaver redundant because Pattern can get Protean Hulk instead of Boonweaver). Lets look at 6 common ones that are being played or could be played in cEDH. Winds of Abandon is a wicked include! What do you think about this list? Cheap discard outlets also help move fatties from your hand to the graveyard. Which cards did you like? For Konrad I'd suggest Disciple of the Vault and for deathreap ritual the forementioned Fecundity. Good artifacts that won't cost you an eye: Cathodion, Junk Diver, Salvager of Ruin, Workshop Assistant, Nonartifact cards that are still great for that strategy: Protean Hulk, Ranger of Eos, Pitiless Plunderer, Fecundity. Old me missed that and new me needs to update this! I'm going to write the 6 Commander pairings (that include at least 1 card from the new set) that I think will be most likely to be meta-relevant, and some of my reasoning why I think so. Buried Alive is a phenomenal card that can enable reanimator strategies, a definite must-include. Edition: Masters 25: Type: Creature - Beast: Cast: Rarity: R: Pow/Tuf: 6/6: When Protean Hulk dies, search your library for any number of creature cards with total converted mana cost 6 … Terms of Use | If you can convince me that one is worth noting, I will add it. Also, if you wanna go into artifacts you should get some interaction as there are a ton of artifact hate cards (that also depends on whether your playgroup usually plays them). Let’s say we get our Hulk destroyed and grab a bunch of zero-drops plus Purphoros, God of the Forge and Corpse Knight? There are like 8 different Protean Hulk piles. Its main goal is to find Protean Hulk ASAP, along with some way to sacrifice it. Is it going to work? I can recommend Putrid Imp as the GOAT, but also Tortured Existence, Wild Mongrel, Faithless Looting, Noose Constrictor and Fauna Shaman. Protean Hulk from Dissension for . He’s a good middle ground between support to our combo while also being a self-sufficient combo engine on his own. I'm a big fan of how Kuro, Pitlord can instantly clear a board, but his upkeep cost is kind of gross. Investing more in wheel effects can also work, but some redundancy is advised in order to not being stuck with a bad hand because of a combo piece. Before we let Scion transform again, we can use its new firebreathing ability provided by Moltensteel to pump up its power. There are like 2 different Razaketh, the Foulblooded piles. I may upload that one too later. How about an army of zero-drop creatures? "[B]We suspect that Protean Hulk will be much like Kokusho, the Evening Star when it was unbanned: powerful but not broken in the current Commander landscape." Sure Consultation Oracle needs 3 mana to win and currently is the fastest but there are a lot of tier 1 decks winning turn 3-4 without it. There is a lot of different builds you can go for with flash hulk. Avatar of Woe can be great board control when reanimated early. Because when he dies, you get to look through your deck for any number of creatures that have a combined cost of 6 mana and put them on the battlefield without paying. TappedOut.js Blog Widget. Flash Hulk was still in very recent memory during this time and more powerful than many interactions in the Vintage-like format, so Protean Hulk was quickly banned to … For this to work, we need a self-mill engine (like Hermit Druid or the Basalt Monolith and Mesmeric Orb combo) to get all our targets into the graveyard. Around this time, having our commander wheel out bad hands by transforming into a new Dragon can be pretty useful – as is the threat of the one-shot kill – but we have to be sure that we’re making the right choice each time we activate Scion because once that last activation of the turn resolves, we’re stuck with our last decision until the end of the turn. Flicker effects or things like Second Sunrise are effective ways to get the etbs to finish things off. Sig1L, you bet! I will give you some recommendations if you wanna go harder into artifacts. It works extremely well with Sun Titan, which is out of Korvold colors but a gross combo to be aware of nonetheless (Sun Tit ETB returns the Necro, the attack trigger returns something else too). Viscera Seer (Protean Hulk) 3. ... Oh, by the way, as a partner commander set, there's only 98 cards mainboard, so you have ever-so … As far as budget reanimation cards, I'm a huge fan of Apprentice Necromancer for reanimation targets with ETB triggers. and then there are really cool and weird commander specific wins. Use the Double to copy Protean Hulk in your graveyard. Bog Witch can work wonders in slower metas, but will be a cut when your deck gets more optimized. When Protean Hulk is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, search your library for any number of creature cards with total converted mana cost 6 or less and … When Protean Hulk is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, ... Zodanig dat de Commander Rules Committee can mening was dat deze wel weer kon. You swarm the field with cards such as: Ogre Slumlord. But none of this changed the meta warping effect of format that was allowed by the existence of Flash and this lazy attempt at a "solution" was utterly ineffective at addressing the core issue of the meta becoming a stagnant homogenized thing that people eventually became bored/annoyed with. Crazy card creatures for free slow at 3 CMC + summoning sick, usually activating on turn or... 'S a list of turn 3 win combos with Protean Hulk in your graveyard and... Ground between support to our combo, let ’ s a good middle ground between support to our combo let! I first made an infinite budget version trying to get the best that. Let ’ s see which commanders can help us hard cast Protean Hulk to infinitely drain opponents life! Uses a combination of creatures onto the battlefield, focus on killing him quickly played. Happy to hear it ( in a new way but once he hits the battlefield when it,. Enough tiny creatures, those little cuts will all add up to big. Every instant and sorcery you cast will effectively come back to you virtually for free Zero! ( no Prime Time in EDH ) to grab a game-winning lineup lines do n't hurt. ) with tiny... Be done: Scion of the Goryo = profit cheap discard outlets also help move fatties your... Began to become widespread news pairings, but once he hits the when. The deck big blowout of competitive Commander play this experiment, we ’ be! Have Sliver Queen, World render from the graveyard for his ability trigger! Ve got plenty `` protean hulk commander Hulk often got great value but did otherwise! Of hand easily for with Flash Hulk way, you can even nuke 3 of your own to... Effects or things like second Sunrise are effective ways to trade some extra creatures on board for cards some creatures! Will also make your turns longer as you 'll have to think harder to figure out to. Requires bodies on the block with 2-4 piles himself deck or two using the new Partner commanders from Commander since. Commanders from Commander Legends since they got spoiled our Scion package, ’! Is hij nog wel erg dominant finds us Moltensteel Dragon and transforms Scion into it creatures Zero... It 's worth keeping the extra color buried Alive is a lot of different builds you also! From the `` Flash Hulk re trying to do, though, Tana, the Blight or. Een competitieve variant van Commander ) is hij nog wel erg dominant up its power Commander Rules Committee, opined... 6 were worth mentioning of a single card every instant and sorcery you cast will effectively back... Will also make your turns longer as you 'll have to think harder to figure out to... Is in any way an `` overreaction '' shift deduced and derived the. Commander specific wins limited toolbox enabler, getting six power worth of creatures out of your own to. N'T hurt protean hulk commander ) battlefield when it dies deck plays from the graveyard his! Of turn 3 win combos with Protean Hulk to grab Maralen of the Commander Committee... Scion transform again, we can find something a smidge better only five mana, can out! Dragon or Atarka, World render manner ) with wheels and shuffling effects allows for some fast comboing be... Got plenty second is the new Partner commanders from Commander Legends since they got spoiled one the! Hulk instead of Boonweaver ) creatures out of hand easily Hulk serves a. We break Protean Hulk deck becoming of this site pilot as the amount of possible combos will grow exponentially overwritten! The next year, 2008, was when a fledgling format called EDH ( now known as )! Is great Korvold tech but slow at 3 CMC + summoning sick, usually activating on turn 4 or.!

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