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canning meatloaf patties

10 December 2020 · Pas de commentaire

No one got sick, but what could I have done wrong? It is so nice to spend a few minutes warming up a good hearty meal instead of spending hours preparing one. thick. Chop the remaining onion into large chunks and place in crock pot. Use 1” of headspace. Thanks for the recipe! Fill the jars with boiling stock or water, still leaving 1 inch of headspace. 1/2 teaspoon salt. Pressure Canning Recipes Canning Tips Home Canning Pressure Cooker Recipes Canning Soup Canned Meat Canned Food Storage Mason Jar Meals Meals In A Jar. We decided to begin experimenting with pressure canning our meats. Recipe notes . )The overflow from your jars was most likely from changes in internal pressure in your canner. Someone recently told me about canning meats and I was flabbergasted! Step 4: After chilling, divide the mixture into 6 equal portions, then shape each one into a small patty, about ½ an inch to 1 inch thick.. When I am in doubt I just make a jar or two just to see if I need to adjust anything. You will need to use wide mouth jars and parchment paper Thanks so much, I'm in love with my canner and this is another cheap, easy meal to prep. Hi Leslie,I can't vouch for your recipe or any of the others on the web. I am really new to the whole idea of canning and we already have a freezer full of hamburger and would like to have some on my pantry shelves instead of it taking up so much freezer space! Here's what I did. It doesn't "cook" the meat any more it just holds the temperature inside the jars for the amount of time to destroy any nasty bacteria from my understanding. It is more safe to over process than not. Can you mix meat directly from the jar into a casserole and bake it in the oven. Mix in 1/2 cup cracker crumbs. 1 pound ground beef. Usually the tests are only done with pints and quarts.Pete, This looks terrific! I began by cracking my eggs in a very large mixing bowl and lightly whisking them with the garlic powder, salt,  and black pepper. Have fewer cases of it now, using the rocker regulator and an old All-American canner instead of the new Presto. I love having meals in a jar on my storage shelves. I'll post that recipe for those that may not have it as soon as I find a few extra minutes. The meatloaf patties were tender and flavorful (though a bit delicate, as some of them broke apart when flipping them on the grill). Anonymous...Hope you like it. 1 1/4 teaspoon of salt; 1 teaspoon of garlic powder; 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper; 1/2 cup of oatmeal (uncooked). When I did mine I decided the worst that could happen is I would have many jars of canned dog food....LOL. I love your posts!I have a serious question. : ). The canning ring should be “finger tight.” If the ring is too lose, you’ll lose fluid into the canner and have partially filled jars, if the lid is too tight air … I am sure it will come out the same way and I like the patties better them a log.. thanks for posting this. I used my own onions and bell peppers grown this year in the garden and already had the spices and oatmeal on hand so I don't know the exact cost of these meals but the meat and tomato juice this week cost around $20.00 and I will get 10 quart jars so for me this breaks down to around $2.00 a meal. I am still confused. You'll have to guess at the tomato juice if you don't make a bunch like I did. My family loves meatloaf and I have been looking for a recipe to can it. Hi Kris,I have been eye-balling that Amish Steak recipe and seriously want to try it next. I have had serious issues with Google and Blogger and couldn't log in.I don't know what the rules are for canning 8 oz jars. This type of canning is less intimidating than pressure canning, plus you do not need any special canning vessel. Notes *If you don't have saltine crackers on hand, you could substitute an equal amount of bread crumbs or oats (quick or old-fashioned would both work) that … Covering the patties. I love having meals in a jar on my storage shelves. (Although we usually wait until winter time to can meats and stuff that is not particularly seasonal. All rights reserved. I've checked out some of your recipes on your blog and will be busy copying them! Mix the ground beef with whatever kind of seasoning you would use to make regular hamburger patties. My canned meat products (meat loaf and spaghetti sauce) taste really vinegary when we eat them. If 2012 comes true a few canned things will be great with no electricity..I am getting 3 months of various supplies in the stocking process each month. We are still using from my first batch and each jar has been as good as the first. I then began working the 10 pounds of meat into this mixture using my hands. It will hold 12 slices at a time and you just put a paper towel over it to catch the splatters. The more fat, the more you will need. Here's how to subscribe via e-mail at the new site! A water bath cannot reach a high enough temperature as pressure canning to destroy all the nasties that can make you and your family very ill. In my opinion it is only one grade above Spam. (I don't go shopping often) At 1.65 a pound I could not pass it up as ground beef is selling close to $3.00 a pound here. Canning Hamburger Patties and Meatballs We have always done alot of canning with our vegetables, but as things began to look worse for the financial state of the Country, we decided it was time to re-think our habit of keeping our meats in the freezer. Hey Maggie...Thanks for reading! If all you have is a large stock pot or soup pot, you can start water bath canning. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. Mine are canned in the pint and a half jars. I will be so stealing this recipe. CANNING SUPPLIES – (Tongs, Bubble Remover, etc.) I added beef stock as well. 1 2 Next. My next batch I will add a patty one at a time and pour the juice over each patty individually. Has anyone ever tried this? ), Herrick Kimball Is Now Blogging At Heavenstretch, Another garden experiment: Modified fruit wall, What if IT is today? VINEGAR – To wipe Rim of Jar; BEEF – Make sure it’s low in fat, at least 90/10; JARS – Pint (holds 1 lb) or Quart (holds 2lbs) – Inspect jars for chips in the rim and hairline cracks and discard damaged ones. Transfer loaves to hot jars. I have had serious issues with Google and Blogger.I honestly can't tell you the shelf life. Hi Mamma BearGreat ideas on your website.I have tried beef broth instead of tomato sauce.I also would like your comment on something else please.I heard from an older lady that one way they used to store sausage and bacon was to partially cook and then pour lard over the product to cover each piece in the jars as she loaded them in.I know there could be some issues here and everything must be sterile.I have tried this recipe and it seems to work fine. It has been over 7 months and when cooked it was delicious. I know that is a lot of work but if you are going to can a lot of something new it is best to see how it will work rather than have a shelf full of stuff your family won't eat. May 5, 2018 - O.k I'm a canning fool today. The Amish recipe calls for using mushroom soup and the pan drippings. could we use tomato soup instead of juice? She says it is not cheaper to do this but it is so much better than the store bought. I have had serious issues with Google and Blogger.Thanks Pete. We use a lot of bacon bits too.Do you precook your ham and sausage first and then can it? If I understand you correctly, you are saying that you remove the ring and lid from the jar and then put the jar (with the meat still in it) into a pan of water and simmer it 10 to 15 minutes. I then made meatloaf patties. When all the ingredients are mixed well, you can then make small patties with the mixture. I have a question about canning meatloaf in pint jars. I will be reading your blog for more great ideas. I can't wait to try this! I have a BIG Question: Can I use my own Meatloaf recipe and then follow your canning directions? What is the shelf life if you dont mind me asking please email me with answer at thank you. Serve with mashed potatoes and green beans, or on hamburger buns for a meatloaf sandwich. Also could you spice the tomato sauce like BBQ sauce safely? I have canned meatloaf, raw, in wide mouth pint jars. TURKEY MEATLOAF OR PATTIES. Would that count for your 10-15 minutes of heating? LOL HB... Three of us wiped out a jar as soon as it was opened! I got the recipe on the Internet. I made this batch this past October and we will open a jar on occasion. BTW, I went 325 degrees for 30 minutes and my patties are well done(though a bit thinner than yours, judging by the fact that I'm getting one more in the jar.) In a saucepan, heat your tomato juice and leave it to simmer. Five patties will fit into a quart jar just under the 1 inch mark. After loading the canner and getting my pressure up to 11 (I have a dial gauge),  I processed my quarts for 90 minutes. I can't wait until I get my canner. I would experiment with adding a teaspoon or two of brown sugar to the sauces when you heat them back up.Thanks for stopping by! Mamma Bear,I have been canning sausage, ham, and pepperoni without added liquid has worked out wonderfully. Place cookie sheet back into the oven for 5-7 minutes. Should we throw them away or just heat to a high temperature for the required time? It had only been a little more than 24 hours since canning but I wanted to see how it tasted so we opened a jar for dinner last night and it was pretty good if I may say so myself! I loaded sausage into a canning jar and followed instructions carefully. I sacrificed one to see if it was done enough. I think this would be good served with mashed potatoes or it would probably be great over some rice. Even though I lost a lot of the top liquid, the jars have been just fine to eat. If any should be left the next day; I love a cold meatloaf sandwich with mayo. I have not done much canning until this year so I've been learning more about it! That doesn't necessarily make sense, but when it comes to food safety, I am not gonna take any chances! Question: Could you substitute tvp for the oatmeal? to make and can pâtés, meatloaf and fish, using a pressure canner. I have read that if you pan fry the meat tastes case hardened. Isn’t meatloaf basically the same density as ground beef? I can still get a really good thick sliced bacon at my grocery outlet for about $16.00 for 10 pounds. There are some exceptions, but those are probably ones which has specifically been tested in half pints. Now I'm onto hamburger.Canning meat raw pack is sooo easy! I used a wooden skewer to run down the edges of the jar to release any air bubbles. I can meatballs and use egg and bread crumbs or oatmeal even though the food police say not to. It is so nice to spend a few minutes warming up a good hearty meal instead of spending hours preparing one. More information on canning meat. Cap the jars with clean, new canning lids, and attach a canning ring to each jar. I a almost tempted to cook the meat in the jar, drain the fat, add the tomato sauce then process in the pressure canner. Mamma Bear,I just dice up the ham since it's already cooked and put it in jars. We don't know what tomorrow will bring so we are preparing as much as possible for whatever life throws at us. If you use a Hamburger Helper type recipe, just make sure the meat is heated long enough, even if you must just turn it into a small pan and simmer it before adding to the recipe then draining it and dumping it into the other ingredients. Since you will be canning in wide mouth canning jars. And the sauce was delicious! PS..I processed the remaining jars the next day using a little less tomato juice. You will be surprised how much shrinkage there is, but it is very good. I am thinking that maybe there is a lot of trapped air when I put all the patties in at once and then poured the tomato juice over everything. I would love to can up some different types of sausage and not have them sitting in liquid. If you are like me when you make a meatloaf in a loaf pan for dinner, it is usually swimming in fat when you take it from the oven. Ok, for pressure canning 8 pints of ground meat you will need: Ground meat – 8 1/2 to 9 pounds depending on the fat content. Yes...patties like you would making hamburgers for the grill. Papa Bear can eat like a truck driver...Heck, who am I kidding....sometimes I can eat like a truck driver! Before you can a bunch of your jars using your method. Water bath canning is the best place to learn how to can when you are new to canning. There is a big debate about the safety of canning raw meatloaf. Do not add any egg or cheese, or any dairy. 2-1/2 Tablespoons bread crumbs (use quinoa flakes for GF) 1 egg . If this is your first time canning, it is recommended that you read Principles of Home Canning.. Procedure: Choose fresh, chilled meat. Since you will be canning in wide mouth canning jars. The USDA directions allow the canning liquid to be “meat broth, tomato juice, or water.” Usage notes. Am I taking a chance with safety? He would eat two and go back for a third because he loves meatloaf and always wants seconds. One of my favorite meals in a jar! I just wish you knew the shelf life. DIRECTIONS: 1) It’s important to start the potatoes and gravy first since they have the potential to take the longest and are also easy to keep warm if they finish early. This cleans any oil you may have missed just using a water dampened towel which may prevent a good seal on your jar. When pressure canning, you must adjust the pressure for your altitude. You are a genius !!! Sometimes when you’ve done something so much, you forget to mention details.

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